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Yu Hua: The Seventh Day

Discussion Leader: Dagmar Borchard

Yang Fei was born on a moving train. Lost by his mother, adopted by a young switchman, raised with simplicity and love, he is utterly unprepared for the changes that await him and his country. As a young man, he searches for a place to belong in a nation that is ceaselessly reinventing itself, but he remains on the edges of society. At age forty-one, he meets an accidental and unceremonious death. Lacking the money for a burial plot, he must roam the afterworld aimlessly, without rest. Over the course of seven days, he encounters the souls of the people he’s lost.
Yang Fei’s passage maps the contours of this vast nation—its absurdities, its sorrows, and its soul. Vivid, urgent, and panoramic, The Seventh Day affirms Yu Hua’s place as one of the most interesting and prominent writers of modern Chinese fiction.

Discussion leader, Dagmar Borchard is resident in China since 2011, M.A. in sinology, lawyer, journalist, writes a column for a German magazine about things Chinese.
Please note that this is a book discussion; the author will not be present.
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