RAS Chinese History Club

Bali Bistro

William Green, Rise and Fall of Puyi

Convener: Sabrina Samra

Our Modern Chinese History Study Group holds monthly meetings during which members prepare, present and discuss presentations on various chosen topics. We gather the fourth Monday of each month; with our next session on Monday 24th April.

Our general focus is recent Chinese history up to the formation of PRC (1800s-1949). As a diverse, cultured group, each with our own unique interests and backgrounds, we have a wide range of topics to discuss, present and bring to life!

To encourage group discussion on our chosen modern Chinese history topics, the planning group chose a presentation/discussion format. Each month two members will each present a 30 to 45-minute talk on the subject of their choice, followed by 5-30 minutes of discussion.

The next topic, on the 24th April, will be the Rise and Fall of Puyi. During this session we will compliment William Green’s presentation with some great clips from The Last Emperor. This will prolong our discussion into exciting depth; as this session will be an exception of just one presentation topic.

For a list of topics and dates up until June, please contact co-convener Furkan Edrogan. studygroup@royalasiaticsociety.org.cn

RSVP: studygroup@royalasiaticsociety.org.cn