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Up The Yangtze

Convener: Nianci Li


93minutes, color, 2007

Mandarin w/ English subtitles

 “[I wanted to make] a movie about tourists on this Yangtze cruise boat — a kind of ‘Gosford Park’ idea that shows the social hierarchy, the lives above and below the decks. I realized that the people working on the boat were all from the Yangtze area and that many of their families were affected by the dam.”

Yung Chang, Filmmaker

 The Three Gorges Dam — a contested symbol of the Chinese economic miracle — provides the backdrop for Up the Yangtze, a feature-length documentary on life inside the 21st-century Chinese dream. Focused on the experiences of two teens from families who are displaced as the construction of the dam submerges their homes, the film puts a human face on policy debates about the benefits and costs of huge public works projects.

 The film’s powerful narrative of contemporary China serves as a reminder that massive development projects inevitably produce massive social change.Join us for a screening and discussion on this film.

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