RAS Book Club

To Live by Yu Hua

Discussion leader: Marcia Johnson and Tom Yamamoto

From the author of Brothers and China in Ten Words, this spare tale of rural life in China is a contemporary classic of Chinese fiction which was originally banned in China, but later advanced on as one of China’s most influential books. This literary masterpiece spans across four decades of Chinese history from the Sino-Japanese War all to the Cultural Revolution. The novel portrays the transformation of Fugui, a spoiled son of a rich landlord who gambled away the family fortune, to a hardworking, kind-hearted farmer. He witnesses the horrors of the Civil War only to return to face the hardships of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution and has to cope with the loss of everything he had and all those he loved, in the end left with an ox as his only companion.

Yu Hua has written five novel and several collections with short stories. He became the first Chinese author to receive the Names Joyce Award in 2002, won the Prix Courrier International (2008) for Brothers which was also shortlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize.

Please note that this is a book discussion, not a book talk; the author will not be present.

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