RAS Chinese History Club

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RAS Chinese History Study Group Planning Discussion & No-Host Dinner

Convener: Furkan Erdogan

May 2016 RAS Chinese History Study Group concluded the DVD-based series “Yao to Mao” and convener Linda Ferguson moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

Many RAS members wish to continue gathering to study Chinese history and RAS member Furkan Erdogan, a graduate student of modern Chinese history at Fudan University, has volunteered to convene the study group.

You are invited to join the planning discussion and participate in shaping how the group will study Chinese history going forward.

About The Press by Inno Coffee

Built in 1872, the building was once home to China’s longest running daily newspaper, The Shun Pao (pinyin Shen Bao) – known in English as Shanghai News – published in Chinese between 1872 and 1949 and known in English. The newspaper’s influence in early 20th century Shanghai was such that Shen Bao zhi, literally “Shen-bao paper”, became a generic term for newspaper or newsprint.

Customers sit under Shun Pao’s ornate double vaulted ceiling, with its 19th century period details that miraculously survive to this day. The café pays homage to the building’s heritage through a décor featuring old newspaper photos and media-related quotes.

RSVP: studygroup@royalasiaticsociety.org.cn