RAS Lecture

Cafe Sambal

Out of China: How the Chinese Ended the Era of Western Domination

Speaker: Robert Bickers

Co-Sponsored with China Crossroads

4:00 PM – Doors Open
4:15 PM – Lecture
5:00 PM – Q&A
5:30 PM – Mixer/Dinner

History matters in China today, and what matters in China matters to us all. This talk explores China’s struggle against foreign power in the 20th Century, and parts of this story that took place in China itself, and overseas: in New York, Hollywood, Canberra, and London, and across the capitals of the West.

Robert Bickers is Professor of History at the University of Bristol. He is the author of five books, including the acclaimed Empire Made Me: An Englishman Adrift in Shanghai (2004) and The Scramble for China: Foreign Devils in the Qing Empire, 1832-1914 (2011). Bickers specializes in modern China, the history of colonialism and, in particular, the British Empire and its relations with China and Shanghai. His latest book released earlier this year is Out of China: How the Chinese Ended the Era of Western Domination (2017)

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