RAS Lecture

Tavern at the Radisson Xingguo Hotel

Nicolas Grevot: Austronesian Aborigines


TUESDAY 23rd September 2014
7pm for 7.15pm
Tavern at the Radisson Xingguo Hotel


In a follow-up to the lecture he delivered last year for RAS, Nicolas Grevot will speak again about Taiwanese and Austronesian aborigines, about the Austronesian people in Taiwan and around the Pacific rim, delving deeper into the history and culture of a historically fascinating culture.
In most of the local languages around the Pacific Ocean and even part of the Indian Ocean, the word ‘mata’ means eye. A long time ago, the linguists first discovered more of these linguistic similarities. More recently, with the help of modern archaeology and genetic, scientists have confirmed the existence of a cultural sphere encompassing this vast territory that is now called Austronesia. Who are these Austronesian people and what is their culture? Why did they leave Taiwan 6000 years ago? How come close to 500 millions people today are speaking these Austronesian languages? Nicolas Grevot will share with you some elements to illustrate and better understand this extraordinary human and cultural adventure.
Nicolas Grevot, a French national, arrived in Shanghai in 2008. Before this, he lived for 15 years in Taiwan where he worked as a journalist. There, he fell in love with the island and its people, mostly its indigenous population. During his long stay, he built a collection of cultural items from the past of the Taiwanese aborigines (close to 300 items) that is now on loan to the Shisanhang Museum of Archaeology in Xin Taipei, Taiwan. The collection can be seen on this website: www.formosatribal.com. As we know today, the ancestors of these Taiwanese aborigines are most probably at the origin of the extraordinary Austronesian migration and culture.
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