RAS Art Focus Group

Let’s Hear it from the Girls – Emerging Female Artists in Shanghai

Panel speakers: Ruya Qian, He Yu and Ana Mu

With Shanghai featuring more and more international artists of rock star renown, what’s a girl to do? (If she’s an emerging female artist, that is.) What does it take to get noticed in the art world in these days of image overload on Instagram and WeChat? Female artists in both Western and Eastern societies have historically had to struggle more than their male counterparts. In today’s post-internet age, has this imbalance shifted significantly? Within the international art world, why are there such few recognized Chinese female artists? It is not for the lack of numbers or talent.

To explore this conundrum, Art Historian Julie Chun has invited the Shanghai-based artists Ruya Qian, He Yu and Ana Mu for an open panel discussion at the newly established Studio Gallery Project Space. This unique artist residency studio is near the southernmost end of metro line 8 in a part of Shanghai not frequently ventured by foreigners. We welcome you to an off-the-beaten-path artistic site to hear from a panel of young and talented ladies who are adding their individual ways of seeing the world to the wide expanse of Chinese contemporary art.

Exact meeting location will be sent to those confirmed.

For more information about the artist Ruya Qian, please visit: www.ruyaqian.com

For more information about the artist He Yu, please visit:  www.artistheyu.com

For more information about the artist Ana Mu, please visit: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Kewg3V4fyGTFVLYVJzIFdQ

For more information about Studio Gallery Project Space, please visit: www.studiogallery.cn

RSVP: artgroup@royalasiaticsociety.org.cn