RAS Art Focus Group

Minsheng Art Museum

Insights into Chinese Contemporary Art: Chinese Abstract Oil Painting

Speaker: Julie Chun

1:15 pm registration for a prompt 1:30 pm start to finish by 3:00 pm

Western abstract art is acknowledged as having transformed the painted canvas as a modernist signifier. Yet, what about abstract art in China? Is it valid to claim that abstract oil painting in Asia is but a mere “derivative” of a western construct? How are we, as viewers, to understand Chinese abstract art? What do Chinese artists have to say about abstract art? To explore these issues, Royal Asiatic Society’s Art Focus series “Insights into Chinese Contemporary Art,” led by Art Historian Julie Chun, will take us to the Minsheng Art Museum for a first-look at the exhibition “Abstract and Beyond.”  We will study the various works on view to discuss how Chinese abstract oil painting is similar and dissimilar to the abstract paintings that emerged in Europe and the United States, and also examine the encoding of cultural and spiritual ideals that are implicated in the painted canvases.   

After the RAS museum lecture, there will be a curator’s talk by Huang Du at 3:00 pm on the second floor museum lecture hall. The museum entry ticket also includes this talk, which will be delivered in Mandarin (without English translations) for those who may be interested. 

About the speaker:

As the Royal Asiatic Society’s Art Convener, Julie Chun has been organizing and delivering monthly lectures at museums and galleries, since 2013 to widen the public’s understanding of artistic objects, past and present.  She holds an MA in Art History and a BA in Economics from universities in California and has also completed graduate studies in East Asian Modern History in Seoul, Korea and has conducted research in Modern Art at UCLA.  She is a regular contributor to Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art. Her exhibition reviews have also been published on Randian and LEAP online.

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