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Stories of Things

Do things tell stories?  I think those of us who collect things would be the first to say yes. There is the story of how we found the object.  The story of what attracted us to it.  Then of course there is the intrinsic story of the object itself, what it is made of, what is its purpose, who owned it.  And of great interest to us in RAS, there is the particular cultural, historical or esthetic world beyond the object itself but onto which the object sheds light for us.  Objects are indeed “eyewitnesses” to other histories and other cultures.

In this new focus group, RAS members can share with the group one object that they are passionate about and relate what stories their object has told them.  Even the most modest and inexpensive of things can have rich things to tell us.  All members of the group must commit to having an object and stories to share when their time comes around.  The purpose is to share and learn. Don’t worry if you are not an scholarly expert.  This is about your particular relationship with a collected object and thus you are the only expert. The creation of a kind of “intimacy” of sharing among friends is key as well in this process.

If you are interested in presenting an object at our first meeting, please email the convener Robert Martin at robertmartinhk@hotmail.com.

RSVP : robertmartinhk@hotmail.com