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From Music to Sound Art

Speaker: Yin Yi, Artist and Curator

Sound Art became the new phenomenon in the field of Chinese art from 2000. While it has been gaining wide-attention and following in the US, Europe and Japan, it still remains nascent in China. For some of the viewing public, Sound Art may be difficult to grasp because it lacks the visual reference, while some may believe Sound Art mostly has relationship to western music because of its aural attributes. Due to these reasons and more, there is a lack of understanding by the general public of Sound Art’s characteristics and practices thus leading to insufficient support system for fostering the ecology of Sound Art in China. Within the constraints of such challenges, how can sound artists in China maintain their practice and contribute to its development? To explore the under-studied and under-appreciated realm of Sound Art, the Royal Asiatic Society is pleased to invite the artist and curator Yin Yi, whose practice, study and advancement of Sound Art, as a unique genre in China, has been not only fundamental but decisively instrumental.

About the artist Yin Yi

Yin Yi is a Shanghai based artist and curator.  His work is involved in sound, video, installation, experimental electronic music and phonography. He focuses his work on not only sound as media and material but also sound as perception, recognition and as instrument of instinct, power, aesthetics, and cultural property. Yin Yi has curated art events, music festivals, lectures and round table discussions. The art institutes and festivals where his works have been presented include: Harvest Work (New York), the Power Station of Art (Shanghai), Sound Art China, 11th Shanghai Biennale, 2016 Shenzhen New Media Art Festival, among many others. As a new generation of sound artists in China, Yin Yi contributes his definition to the term “Sound Art” through his artistic practice that seeks to include and provoke viewer engagement. For Yin Yi, it is about observing, understanding and proofreading his artistic practice to another dimensionality.

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