RAS Art Focus Group

My Place Ruin Bar, 3rd floor, 1788 Xinzha Rd, Jing’an District, Shanghai

Communication through Connection

Speakers: Zmack team with Lilian Shen, Elva Yao, Mark Skinner, Mathieu Lovelace and Caroline Pujo

We continue RAS Art Focus with a series of talks and events under the 2020–2021 theme “Creative Ensemble” where we explore alternative and non-traditional arts outside institutional spaces. We are critically examining how the definition of art is being expanded to transform communities and societies in China. This month, we are pleased to invite Zmack, Shanghai’s original improvisational theater team since 2009. With shows, workshops and classes that take place in restaurants, cafes and bars throughout Shanghai, Zmack uses Applied Improvisation for training, to facilitate creative communication and collaboration in corporate teams, enhancing skills in communication, empathy and emotional awareness through games and dialogue. Join us for a hands-on interactive session to find your hidden creative potential.

Speakers: Zmack team with Lilian Shen, Elva Yao, Mark Skinner, Mathieu Lovelace and Caroline Pujo

Moderator: Julie Chun, RAS Art Focus Convener

About the team:

Lilian Shen is the Artistic Director of Zmack, managing the English, Chinese and French improv teams and oversees the overall artistic vision of Zmack Shanghai. She has been with Zmack since 2015 and comes from a background in investment banking and mergers and acquisitions until she decided to pursue her true creative passion in improv.

Elva Yao is the Training Director of Zmack Shanghai and Creative Director of Zhimakong (Zmack’s Chinese Improv team). Elva has a background in fashion and merchandizing and joined Zmack in 2009, our most senior Zmacker.

Mark Skinner is the Director of Curator’s Cut, a long-form improvised theater piece where the audiences gets to influence the story. Mark has been with Zmack since 2016. He is a career educator, specializing for the last 12 years in ESL, public speaking and musical theater.

Mathieu Lovelace is the Creative Director of Zut Alors (Zmack’s French Improv Team). He has been with Zmack since 2018 and is now managing Zut Zlors and teaching French improv at the ZITC. Matt performs in French and English in several teams in Zmack. He is a drama teacher by profession.

Caroline Pujo is a Member of Zut Alors. An active member of Zut Alors since 2018 and the founder of Dernier Cri (events platform). Caroline has brought Zut Alors and Zmack many new opportunities and ideas.

For more information, please see: www.zmack.net

RSVP: artgroup@royalasiaticsociety.org.cn