Special Event

Yuyuan Garden

Classical Garden Tour – Shanghai’s Yu Garden

Tour leader and author The Classical Gardens of Shanghai: Shelly Bryant

Most of us have visited Yu Garden more times than we can count. But can a person, especially an expatriate, ever truly “know” Yu Garden? Lou Qingxi, writing in Chinese Gardens (2003) and quoted in The Classical Gardens of Shanghai, states, “the real appreciation of a garden’s beauty comes from an understanding of the general artistic realm behind the scenery presented there, which leads to an understanding of the philosophy and view of life it represents. This intellectual response depends entirely on the viewer’s familiarity with the Chinese traditional of gardening.”

Join Shelly Bryant as she leads us through Yu Garden and guides us in viewing the familiar scenery through fresh eyes. Shelly is a long-time friend of RAS, a much published poet and translator and author of The Classical Gardens of Shanghai, part of the RAS Monograph Series, published in 2016 by Hong Kong University Press.

Limited to 15. Members, priority registration through Wednesday, May 10.

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