Chinese School – Episode 2

Chinese School – Episode 2

Convener: Nianci Li

How do Chinese students cope with exam pressure? Join us on the 11th of July for the second episode of Chinese School, a BBC documentary series about the hopes and dreams of a group of children at three schools in rural China. The screening will be followed by a convener-led discussion.

“Whatever you think you know about China and the Chinese, forget it. It’s time to think again. The children and teachers of the rural town of Xiuning are about to welcome you into their lives, and reveal a place full of vitality, challenges and great humor.

It’s May, and as the heat of summer sets in the senior students face the all-important Gao Kao exams. Their results can mean the difference between poverty and prosperity for their entire family. At Ping Min primary school, Cheng Chao is looking forward to becoming a Young Communist Pioneer. Wu Lin’s concern about her country’s future sees her researching the polluted river near her school.

The second episode of Chinese School explores themes of exam pressure, the one child policy, new entrepreneurialism, pollution and the legacy of the rule of Chairman Mao.

Dress code to enter the library is business smart. Please no jeans, sneakers, T-shirts or baseball caps.