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Chinese School, Episode 3: “Hard Beginnings”

Convener: Nianci Li

What are boarding schools in rural China like, and how does it feel to enroll at one of China’s top universities?  Join us on the 14th of August for the third episode of Chinese School, a BBC documentary series about the hopes and dreams of a group of children at three schools in rural China. The screening will be followed by a convener-led discussion.

Star student Wu Yufei starts life at China’s prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing, but before she can begin her studies she must get through 20 days of gruelling military training.

It’s also a hard beginning for the children at Ping Ming Primary School. Each child has been hand-picked to receive free education at the charity-run boarding school. But learning to live without your parents – when you’re only seven years old – isn’t easy.

As for the students enrolling at the county’s best school, the new term comes with a rigorous daily schedule from 5:30 am to 9:40 pm, in preparation for the National College Entrance Exam.

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