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Chinese Box

Moderator: Knut K. Wimberger, RAS Member and Sinologist

To mark the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese sovereignty

Director Wayne Wang’s meditation on the meaning of Hong Kong

Hong Kong born and naturalized American citizen Wayne Wang made “Chinese Box” during the six months preceding the July 1, 1997 return of Hong Kong to China. The plot projects complex social questions about the differences between the societies of mainland China, Hong Kong and Great Britain into a touching narrative around the protagonists, meandering between socialism and capitalism, emotional growth and financial gain, fraud and honesty, opportunistic “liking” and consummate love and ultimately, the question of truth.

Moderator Knut K. Wimberger has been in China since 2000, as language teacher in Heilongjiang, environmental law researcher for The Nature Conservancy in Yunnan, technology attaché at the Austrian Consulate General Shanghai, and China Managing Director of Fronius International GmbH, a technology leader in robotics welding and photovoltaics. Knut holds a Bachelor in Sinology/Far Eastern Studies and a Masters of Law. Knut is married and father of two.

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