RAS Salon

China’s Private Army: Protecting the New Silk Road

Speaker: Dr Alessandro Arduino

Terrorism, separatism, kidnapping and other risks are mostly new to Chinese companies, some of which are operating abroad for the first time along China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Due to peculiar geostrategic and geoeconomic features, the “belt” from Central Asia to Pakistan and the “road” from the Somali coast to the Strait of Malacca are characterized by a high level of insecurity.

China’s Private Army: Protecting the New Silk Road illustrates the role that Private Security Companies with “Chinese characteristics” play in protecting people and property associated with the Belt and Road Initiative. Dr Arduino will present the role of the private sector in preventing and managing crises along the BRI.

Dr Alessandro Arduino is the co-director of the Security & Crisis Management (SCM) international center at the Shanghai Academy of Social Science (SASS-UniTO). Dr Arduino’s two decades of experience in China encompasses security analysis and crisis management. His main research interests include China’s political economy, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Private Military Security Companies.

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