Special Event

Mr Harry

Annual General Meeting 2016

Dear All RAS members and friends —

Each year at this time the Royal Asiatic Society holds an open AGM for members. The main goals are to elect / approve governing Council members, review the year’s activities and successes, and finally to vote on any significant organisational changes. Of course, we also take this time to socialise and better get to know each other, particularly new members and new Council members.

This year we will host our AGM at Mr. Harry Restaurant. Refreshment and snacks will be will be provided .

Please come and enjoy – RSVP is essential. Please click the link below.

We look forward to this event and seeing many of you there.



 President’s Report

 Treasurer’s Report

 Election of Officers and members of Council 

 Vote on adoption of proposed constitution as recommended by Council 


 Proposed constitution – PDF attached – supersedes the current constitution of Royal Asiatic Society China, located in Shanghai, adopted at the organization’s November 27, 2012 AGM. (Current constitution linked from this page: http://www.royalasiaticsociety.org.cn/about-ras/

 The proposed constitution simplifies and clarifies the basic tenants under which Royal Asiatic Society China and other mainland China branches operate, i.e. Beijing. The revision:

 1) Simplifies the relationship between Shanghai and other mainland China branches by stipulating that, except for adhering to a general set of guiding principles and objectives, the Council of each chapter operates independently and adopts fiscal and operational matters appropriate to the needs of each chapter (items 1-7).

 2) Grants the Council of each chapter the power to establish and revise details pertaining to operational matters as appropriate for each chapter, i.e. categories of membership; number of Councilors; requirements for members standing for election to Councilor or officer positions; number and frequency of Council meetings; scheduling of and format for events, etc. (items 8-26 and 32-34)

 3) Maintains the focus on publications as a core objective and one of the organization’s distinguishing features (items 27-31).

 4) Maintains the authority of Council of Royal Asiatic Society China, located in Shanghai, to bring proposed revisions of the constitution to vote at the organization’s AGM (items 35-37).

RSVP: bookings@royalasiaticsociety.org.cn