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SNAP (Shanghai New York Art Platform)

A Walk on the Wild Side

Speaker: Artist Hu Renyi with “interrogations” by Art Historian Julie Chun

According to Maurizio Nunnucci (Italian, born 1939), “All Art Has Been Contemporary.” Yet if art is an expression of our current time and condition, why is it often so difficult to grasp or comprehend? While museums are moving more and more away from curatorial practices that focus on the practice of knowledge-building, the current trend has been a striving towards cultivating the viewer’s sensorial experiences. Paradoxically, despite grand and elaborate gestures, much of the general public still remain ambivalent about contemporary art than traditional formats such as painting or sculpture. To examine this quandary, Hu Renyi, artist and adjunct professor of New York’s School of Visual Art (SVA), will share his views on the state of contemporary of art. He has also agreed to be interrogated by the RAS Art Focus Convener and Art Historian Julie Chun who believes, “it’s time to start asking the hard questions about contemporary art.” From the artist studio to the exhibition space to taking the art out on the streets, join us for a symbolic walk on the wild side where the pristine white walls will slide away to reveal the realities facing artists today and what one bold artist is striving to do about it.

Please take part and be a part of the conversation.

About the artist Hu Renyi
Hu Renyi is an artist concerned about the ways contemporary art can engage the society in ways that are critical and accessible with the ability to be even wild. Crossing between the time zones of China Standard and US Eastern Standard, the artist splits his time, life, and artistic practice between Shanghai and New York. In New York, he teaches at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) and in Shanghai, he directs the non-profit space SNAP (Shanghai New York Platform). Hu Renyi operates within the global arts system yet strives to outdistance himself with his performative pieces he takes to the streets to engage the public.

Hu Renyi, born in Suzhou, received his BFA in Fine Arts from Shanghai Normal University and MFA from School of Visual Arts in New York. He has held solo exhibitions at the Minsheng Art Museum, K11 Art Museum, Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Nanjing University Art Museum, Leo Gallery, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts in New York in addition to participating in group shows throughout China and in the US.

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