RAS Salon

Tavern at the Radisson Xingguo Hotel

A History of Mapping Shanghai – Ming Village to International Metropolis

Speaker: Vince Ungvary

From a sleepy fishing village during the Ming period to a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis, Shanghai has undergone tremendous changes that are well illustrated in the diversity of its maps through the centuries.

Vince Ungvary will discuss the history of mapping Shanghai, starting with early 1500s maps to those published just after the 1949 revolution. The huge range will include maps from the Qing dynasty, early European maps of Shanghai in 1690, maps of the International and French concessions from the 185-s to the 1920s, and Japanese war-time maps. We will also learn about Chinese maps for the purposes of political propaganda, taxation, religious, tourism, transport and real estate from these various eras. Vince will also bring some rare, original antique maps to view in person.

Vince Ungvary is an Australian professional antique map dealer specializing in antique maps of China. Vince completed a master’s degree in Asian Studies and has been an avid antique map collector for more than 20 years, providing rare maps of Asia and China to museums and private collectors around the world.

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