Event Yearly Archives: 2018


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Let’s Hear it from the Girls – Emerging Female Artists in Shanghai Panel speakers: Ruya Qian, He Yu and Ana Mu
Pingyao: China’s Banking Hub in the Qing Dynasty RAS Library
Book Talk: The Invisible Valley Speakers: Su Wei and Austin Woerner
RAS-Green Initiatives Co-Sponsored Talk Speaker: Andy Couturier Tavern at the Radisson Xingguo Hotel
Kunqu: a Divine Music and a Marketable Cultural Heritage Speaker: Joseph S.C. Lam Tavern at the Radisson Xingguo Hotel
Stories of Things RAS Library
Min Jin Lee: Pachinko Discussion Leader: Tom Yamamoto RAS Library
Where did Buddhist Monks Live, Meditate and Translate the Sutras in Yungang? Speaker: Professor Yi Lidu RAS Library
From Topeka to Tashkent: Langston Hughes in Eurasia Speaker: Aaliyah Bilal
J.G. Ballard in Shanghai: Film, book, and walking tour
DECODING THE “PUBLIC” IN PUBLIC ART Panel Speakers: Dane Currey (UAP - Urban Art Projects),Barbara Edelstein (New York University Shanghai), Linda Tang (Gu Wenda Studio) RAS Library
Shanghai, les annees folles (Shanghai, the roaring twenties) Discussion Leader: Nicolas Grevot & John Villar Un Caffè Bar
Tushanwan Craft School in Shanghai Speaker: Julie Chun RAS Library
MEMBERS ONLY SPRING SOCIAL Special Performance by: Graham Earnshaw RAS Library
Up The Yangtze Convener: Nianci Li RAS Library
Yu Hua: The Seventh Day Discussion Leader: Dagmar Borchard RAS Library
State of Change/Change of State in Contemporary Chinese Art Speaker: Luise Guest, Research Manager, White Rabbit Collection in Sydney Australia RAS Library
RAS Salon with Professor Robert M. Dowling
The Forgetten Tribes of Taiwan Speaker: Nicolas Grevot
XUJIAHUI LIBRARY VISIT Convenor: Co-Librarian Carolyn Robertson ,
RAS LIBRARY RESOURCES WORKSHOP Convenor: Co-Librarians Carolyn Robertson and Sven Serrano RAS Library
Treasures of the RAS Library Speaker: Tess Johnston and Paul French RAS Library
Vieth Thanh Nguyen: The Sympathizer Discussion Leader: John Van Fleet RAS Library
Virtue by Design: Collecting Images in China and Japan Speaker: Don Cohn RAS Library
Please Vote For Me Convener: Nianci Li RAS Library