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Lecture 19: Demise of the Great Leap Forward, 1959-1962 & Lecture 20: “Never Forget Class Struggle!” 1962-1965 Melange Oasis
JULIE CHUN: Understanding Public Sculptures in Shanghai and Beyond Li Room at the Radisson Blu Xingguo Hotel
Lecture 17: Cracks in the Monolith, 1957-1958 & Lecture 18: The Great Leap Forward, 1958-1960 Melange Oasis
Documentary: The Poseidon Project The Apartment
Yu Hua: Chronicle of a Blood Merchant glo London (3/F VIP Room or Lounge)
Lecture 15: Korea, Taiwan and the old War, 1950-1954 & Lecture 16: Socialist Transformation, 1953-1957 Melange Oasis
Lecture 13: Chiang’s Last Stand, 1945-1949 & Lecture 14: “The Chinese People Have Stood Up!” Melange Oasis
LIZ HINGLEY – Portrait de Villes: Shanghai Tavern at the Radisson Xingguo Hotel
No Ancient Wisdom, No Followers: James McGregor glo London (3/F VIP Room or Lounge)
Temptress Moon (1996) Chai Lounge at Chai Living Gallery
Michelangelo Antonioni: “Cina – Chung Kuo” Melange Oasis
Lecture 11: The Republican Experiment, 1927-1937 & Lecture 12: “Resist Japan!”. 1937-1945 Melange Oasis
Insights into Chinese Contemporary Art OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT)
Exploring Surrealism in Art Speaker : Julie Chun Art + Shanghai
A Look at Emerging Chinese Artists Speaker: Daniel Szehin Ho