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The Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata Convener: Dagmar Borchard
Chinese Scholar Rocks in Persian Gardens Speaker: Gabriel Meredith The Pottery Workshop
Stories of things Location provided on confirmation of RSVP
What the West Can Learn from May Fourth – Crisis and Self-Strengthening Speakers: Maximilian Mayer & Frank Tsai Wooden Box
Members-Only Spring Social The House of Roosevelt – 3rd floor lounge
I Did Not Kill My Husband by Liu Zhenyun Convener: Dagmar Borchard
East Meets West – The “Discovery” of China through Maps Speaker: Vince Ungvary
Chinese Characters and Modern Design: Avant-Garde in the Republican Era Speaker: Karolina Pawlik ArtCN Gallery
From the Ruins of Empire by Pankaj Mishra
4 Voices on May 4 Speakers: Lynn Pan, Linda Johnson, Karolina Pawlik, Frank Tsai
Finding KUKAN – A Lost Oscar-Winning Film of China Speaker: Robin Lung
Nowhere to Call Home Convener: Nianci Li Writer's Bookstore, 677 Julu Road
Stories of Things Location provided on confirmation of RSVP
Red Poppies by Alai
The May 4th Movement and Shanghai Jazz Speaker: David Moser
Lives in the Inner Chambers – The Struggles and Stories of the Empresses in Ancient China Speaker: Rachel Tan
Understanding Jade – Part 2 Speaker: Andrew Shaw RAS Library
Single Women Doing Creative Work in Shanghai—Caring in Times of Precarity Speaker: Chow Yiu Fai Cafe Sambal
Denton Welch – Shanghailander and Settlement Demimondaine Speaker: Paul French Li Room at the Radisson Blu Xingguo Hotel
Stories of Things Convener: Robert Martin Location provided on confirmation of RSVP
Shanghai in the 1980s Speaker: Tess Johnston RAS Library
Pottery from the Ethnic Minorities in Southwest China Convener: Nianci Li The Pottery Workshop
Footbinding in China – A Story Told in East and West Convener: Furkan Erdogan
The Art of Contemporary Paper-Cutting Speakers: Julie Chun & Tang Zhengwei Art + Shanghai
Covering up Half the Sky—Sexism in the Chinese Language Speaker: David Moser Cafe Sambal