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Sandalwood Death by Mo Yan
A History of Mapping Shanghai – Ming Village to International Metropolis Speaker: Vince Ungvary Tavern at the Radisson Xingguo Hotel
Rhapsody of Spring Li Room at the Radisson Blu Xingguo Hotel
The Patient Assassin by Anita Anand
Stories of Things Location provided on confirmation of RSVP
The Role of University Art Museums Speaker: Michelle Yeonho Hyun NYU Shanghai Pudong campus 1F, 1555 Shiji Da Dao (near Pudian Lu)
Trade Wars – Lessons from the History of US–China Economic Relations Speaker: Dong Wang
1980s–1990s Shanghai in Photographs Speaker: Shi Hantao Artling, 1F, building 31, No.322 Jiaozhou Road (near Wuding Road)
The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin
Beijing Bicycle Li Room at the Radisson Blu Xingguo Hotel
City of Devils by Paul French
Fighting the Foreign – Media Tropes in China and Japan Speaker: John Van Fleet
Tatsuo Miyajima: Being Coming at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum Speakers: Julie Chun & Sun Qidong Building 3, 210 Wenshui Lu (near Wanrong Lu)
The Red Captain – The Diary of Evans F. Carlson, U.S. Marine Speaker: Evan Taylor
Upheaval by Jared Diamond Convener: Peter Hagan
RAS Event 7 July: The Rice Theory of Culture and the North-South Divide in China Speaker: Thomas Talhelm Wooden Box
The Shanghai Free Taxi by Frank Langfitt
Smart Cities: Beautiful Future Or Blade Runner? Speakers: Jonathan Woetzel, Yisha Peng and Wang Yi Haworth, Jing'an Kerry Centre Tower 1
China Love Li Room at the Radisson Blu Xingguo Hotel
The Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata Convener: Dagmar Borchard
Chinese Scholar Rocks in Persian Gardens Speaker: Gabriel Meredith The Pottery Workshop
Stories of things Location provided on confirmation of RSVP
What the West Can Learn from May Fourth – Crisis and Self-Strengthening Speakers: Maximilian Mayer & Frank Tsai Wooden Box
Members-Only Spring Social The House of Roosevelt – 3rd floor lounge
I Did Not Kill My Husband by Liu Zhenyun Convener: Dagmar Borchard